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2016 Newsletter 

 2016 saw many changes. We leased a new lodge and remodeled it, complete with a game/workout room, skinning barn, and AC units in each bedroom.

Turkey and Bear 

Our 2016 season started off with a bang! All of our turkey hunters filled their tags and we had good moisture over the winter months to get all the animals horn growth started. We had good rain all spring and summer. August 16th started our fall hunting seasons with the bear hunt. All of our bear hunters saw bears and we harvested 3 out of 5 bears. One of the hunters that didn’t fill passed on a couple bears and missed one. Of the three we harvested, two were Boone and Crocket boars and the third just missed it.



Our antelope hunters had a blast! They were 100% and filled on the first day with some great bucks.


Archery Elk 

We had a film crew from Oklahoma here on the 1st archery elk hunt and wouldn’t you know, one of them filled out the first afternoon on a super 5X5. The other hunter missed several shots during the week but went home very pleased. We also had a group from up north that week and all but one of them had shots, and he had a little bit of a physical challenge. One of the guys shot a giant 380 class bull and we tracked it for the better part of a mile, spent several more days looking for it and never found it. The others all missed. A couple of them had turkey licenses and filled them with their bows. The 2nd archery elk hunt saw the crew from Drury Outdoors BowMadness in camp again filming a show. I think if they missed a year we’d be lost. We also had 3 others there. The film crew both missed giant bulls but got some really good footage for the TV show. One of the other hunters harvested a 340 class bull and both of the other hunters shot and wounded world class bulls. One was a 380-390 class bull and the last was a bull that was said to be over 400 inches. It sure makes us and the hunters sick to lose wounded animals, especially world class animals.


Rifle Elk

Our rifle elk hunters had the usual success, 100% opportunity, with some super bulls harvested. The smallest was in the mid 270’s and the largest was a bull just over 350. Everyone left very happy and some even rebooked for 2017.


New Mexico Deer

Our New Mexico deer hunts were a little tougher by the 2nd hunt. Everyone filled out on the first hunt with some really big bucks( 170-180 inches). By the 2nd hunt the weather warmed up and the deer weren’t moving much. We had a couple hunters pass up bucks on the first morning and it came back to haunt one of them in the end. We were 3 out of 4 that week with one of the bucks in the 180 class.


Oklahoma Deer

Our Oklahoma deer archery hunters saw a lot of great bucks, and a couple of them shot and missed and a couple wounded bucks. The Oklahoma rifle hunters had the time of their lives. We hit it right in the peak of the rut and the perfect moon phase. We had 6 hunters and all but one filled their tags. The first morning one of the hunters harvested a 140” perfectly symmetrical buck, then a day later one took a super heavy giant. One the third day a 155” buck with a sticker was taken. On the fourth afternoon an unbelievable buck that scored over 200” was taken. That group had to leave the next morning so the last hunter didn’t fill out but he had passed bucks almost every day. Right after that, the last hunter got a beautiful 186” buck we had been watching all summer on trail cameras.


Mountain Lion

We had two lion hunters in December and January and were able to take one of the deer killing machines out with a big male.


In light of the fact that we lost so many wounded animals this year, we purchased two blood tracking dogs. Both are trained and tested, and love their jobs.


2017 looks to be a good year and we are filling up with hunters. Don’t wait too long to get your spot. Hope to see you in 2017.

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