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2023 Prices
Booked Until 2024
Prices are per Hunter
Prices are subject to change at any time


Archery Elk - 2x1 (Sept. 7-13)                                               $8,500.00

Archery Elk - 2x1 (Sept. 18-24)                                             $9,500.00

Rifle Elk - 2x1 (Oct. 1-5)                                                        $9,500.00

Rifle Elk - 2x1 (Oct. 8-12)                                                      $8,500.00

3rd Rifle Elk-2x1 (Oct. 14-18)

Late Rifle Elk                                                                     Call for price

*5 consecutive days between Oct 14-Dec 31

kyle deer 2017.jpg


Rifle Deer (5 days in New Mexico)                                              $5,500.00

Archery Deer (7 days in New Mexico 7-13)                                $5,500.00

NM Management Deer (call for dates)                                        $3,000.00

*Buck approved by guide

*An option for a trophy buck will be an additional $2,500.00


August 16-20 (5 days in New Mexico)                         $3,250.00

Turkey Hunting x3w1.jpg


3 Days in New Mexico                                                 $1,200.00

*1 Bird Only

Antelope Audra 10-10.JPG


Archery - 5 day hunt (call for dates)                         $3,250.00

Rifle - 3 day hunt (dates set by state of NM)             $3,250.00

prarie dog 2.JPG


Meals and lodging provided (2 hunter minimum)         $450.00

*price is per person per day with a 2 day minimum

*offer combo prairie dog/ coyote hunt for listed price


No minimum group size (2 day minimum)                        $400.00

Additional Charges or Add-ons



1x1 Add - $200.00 Per Day


Non-Hunter - $200.00 Per Day


Transportation - Airport Pickup/Drop-off - $500.00 from nearest airport (Due at time of pickup)

Tracking with trained blood tracking dog- $35.00 per hour 2 hour minimum + $1 per mile travel expense via GPS


All hunts include meals and lodging, unless otherwise specified. Hunters are responsible for license costs, meat processing, and taxidermy. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book hunts, balance due on or before arrival. If paying upon arrival balance must be in cash or cashier's check. Credit Cards accepted for deposits only

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