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Why Choose Trophy Hunting Adventures, LLC.



Before you invest in a guided Trophy hunt, every hunter should practice good due diligence. Using a quality elk, deer, bear, antelope, turkey or lion outfitter is an investment, and like any good investor doing your homework before you buy just makes common sense. Our review page is designed to help you through the process. Our reviews are fair and honest straight from our clients. The good, the bad, and the ugly are unedited. We believe honesty is the best policy and when you are not afraid to show all reviews it speaks to our confidence in a quality hunting experience. 


Hi Dave and Mike,


Just a quick note on how good of a time I had with you and your total staff.  I had a great time.  Enjoyed everyone along with the two fellow hunters.


I can say that this was the best all around hunt I have had for elk.  I have been on many hunts in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Montana.  This was the best.


Hopefully, I can do another hunts with you for something.  If I would decide to continue big game hunting, you would be the first I would contact.


Say hi to everyone on your team for me.


Ed Harken



Mike and crew, 

I want to thank you and your team for a great week of hunting and friendship.  You and your staff went above and beyond to make our stay in camp comfortable and our hunt exciting.  This was Madisons first time on a western hunt.  You immediately recognized the fact that I was making her the priority so you did the same.  I will apologize again for being so excited and maybe a bit obnoxious when we saw her bear!  What a rush to watch that unfold first hand.  I cant say enough good things about Trophy Hunting Adventures.  From our arrival in camp to our departure we felt welcome and we hated leaving.  We cant wait to return!

I wish you guys all the best.


Take care, we will see you on the next hunt.

Rob and Madison Harford

Morgantown, WV

Hello all:


If anyone is interested in a good elk hunt in northeast New Mexico, check out Dave Garrett at Trophy Hunting Adventures. I’ve hunted twice with Dave and killed elk both times. Kenny Shrey went this year and he killed one also. In fact, there were 8 hunters in camp the first week of rifle season and all 8 hunters tagged an elk. Everybody left camp happy. The biggest one killed that week scored 371”. Second place was 363”. Dave takes good care of you with guides, lodging, meals, transportation, trophy care, the whole 9 yards. They routinely harvest elk over 350” and each year they kill or at least see one or two elk right around 400”. They have great genetics in their hunting areas. This hunt is the real deal.


The Bow Madness guys from Drury Outdoors have been there the last couple years and killed some monster bulls with their PSE bows. Dave also runs an archery tackle shop in Trinidad, CO when he’s not out hunting.


I am going back again in 2015. I think Kenny is also. It’s a good hunt!


Dave Foote

Dave/Audra and Mike,


We are all back in WI as of last Saturday evening. I wanted to take the opportunity to again thank you and your wife for the pleasurable experience we all had in CO and NM. We were glad that we made the decision to stay in the trailer instead of the motel in Trinidad. I do not think any of us would have wanted the daily drive. Both Mike and Rob did a great job of guiding and taking care of our needs. H & H sure did a nice job of processing our four elk, and it was very accommodating of them to have things ready by Friday morning so that we could get an early start back to WI.


Good food, good guides, good company and a successful hunt all made for memorable experience. We all certainly did appreciate the meal out with you and Audra Thursday at Purgatory. I do not know about the rest of the guys but the meals I have had off my cow have been mighty tasty and tender.

Maybe we'll meet again.


Thanks again and have a great Christmas and Holiday Season.


Jim Martin

Dave and Mike,


I am so honored and blessed to be a part of your life during my hunt.  You welcomed me with such warmth and hospitality. You went above and beyond what I could have ever expected during our hunt.   I learned so much from you with the time we spent in the woods, but not only that, you taught me things outside of hunting. I feel proud, I have more respect, I have more honor and loyalty towards myself and my family.  I truly was expecting an adventure and possibly a trophy in which you made sure of that. However, you also gave me confidence in myself and have made me a better man. Thanks for your sacrifice of time, money and strength.  I took away much more from what I was expecting with you and Audra.   I believe you deserve such a good woman as her. I was blessed.



Dave Garrett and Trophy Hunting Adventures


I booked an Antelope Hunt with Dave Garrett about a month before the opening day of Antelope season in New Mexico. Unlike other outfitters I have experienced Dave stayed in constant contact with me by describing the weather, the game movements, and even sending me pictures of animals.

Once I arrived at camp, I realized quickly that it was just like hunting camps at home. The camp was comfortable, friendly and relaxed. The land I hunted on outside of Raton was beautiful and prime country for my archery antelope hunt.


My guide John was extremely knowledgeable about the country and became a friend, not a stranger guide, after the moment we met. We hunted hard by stalking antelope herds all around the property. The first morning John got me within 30 yards of a herd of antelope with 2 bucks that I decided to pass on. The second morning we got within 80 yards of a nice buck that I shot. Dave and John were easy to get along with and knowledgeable about hunting and the land we were on. I recommend Trophy Hunting Outfitters because it is a great bang for your buck and it is true hunting.



Peter Holt, Satisfied Hunter

Wed 10/08/14 5:26 PM



Dave Garrett


Hi dave and Audra and Crew.


Just wanted to say what a great job you and your entire crew did on my 2014 Elk hunt. You had asked me what you could do to better your srevice and I really honestly could not come up with one thing!! All your guides bid every thing they could at all times to things in check. Not one time were we ever late to be where we needed to be, and boy did that evr pay off.100% of permits were filled so with that how do you improve? I think your daily meetings with your guides were a big key to the whole success too. And it doesn't since I signed up for next years hunt before I left too. :))


Your new friend, Ray :SHU" Shulund


Dave and Mike,


Thanks again for a great mule deer hunt last month. It was an enjoyable 5 days – beautiful country to hunt, great weather  and Dave got a nice buck. I could have had one too if I weren’t so fussy. The food and accommodations were great. We appreciate the service you give. Mike is a fine guide. Hopefully, he and his young friend got a buck the weekend after we left. I will be in touch for another hunt when I can find another partner who wants a good mule deer or a big bull elk. Thanks again.


Rich Gudeyon


Dear Sportsman and Elk Hunters,


     Your dream of a great elk hunt and the opportunity to take a good bull is probably just like mine was when I started looking for a reputable outfitter.  I spent countless hours searching the internet, calling outfitters, and talking to references.  Some sounded good, some sounded not so good, and then some sounded too good to be true.  I wanted a quality hunt but not one that would break the bank since I've worked hard all my life to save for my hunt.  After racking my brain with all the information I'd accumulated I chose to book an elk hunt with Trophy Hunting Adventures.  I really liked the elk hunt in New Mexico and after talking to Dave Garrett, the owner and outfitter, I committed to book my hunt with him.  What I especially liked about Dave was his confidence and personal attention to what I wanted and was looking for in an elk hunt.  He explained ever aspect of what my hunt would entail and what I could expect.  All communications with Dave before the hunt were great and he was more than willing to answer any question that I had and trust me I had several.  When my hunt finally rolled around I was given details on where and when to meet and what was on the agenda for that day.  Dave and all of his guides were at the appointed location right on time.  Dave and all of his guides were very friendly and helped all of us with details of what our first day of the hunt would consist of.  Every time we needed something they were there to help and that definitively made the hunt virtually stress free.  All of the guides were fantastic and a great group to be around.  Before the hunt was over with they were more like good friends than guides.  Dave and all his guides know what they are doing and they know their hunting areas like the back of their hand.  Their expertise in calling, field judging elk, and when and where to hunt was beyond reproach.  On my first morning within 10 minutes of leaving the truck my guide called in a 300 inch class 6x6 to within 100 yards.  I chose to pass on this bull and my guide was very understanding and supported my decision.  After I took my 388 inch bull on the second morning of my hunt everyone involved took over and made quick work of taking care of my trophy.  They are experts at what they do and the proof is in the pictures and memories.  The number of elk and deer we saw during my hunt was unbelievable.  The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was fantastic.  I expected to loose a few pounds during my hunt but I figure I gained a little due to the wonderful cooking. 


     I know what I expected and hoped for on my hunt but what I received was far beyond what I imagined.  Dave and his entire crew worked very hard to make my trip more than what I could have ever hoped for.  I arrived as a client and left as a good friend.  Am I hooked on elk hunting?  You better believe I am and you can bet I won't hunt with anyone other than Trophy Hunting Adventures.  Dave, thank you so very much to you and your crew for a truly fantastic hunt.  I look forward to coming back to hunt with all my friends. 





Rick Emery


My daughter Andria and I went Elk hunting with Dave Garrett, Trophy Hunting Adventures October 2010. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the hunt. We saw bull elk everyday along with monster mule deer, antelope and various other wild game. We both harvested big elk scoring 300+ even with broken tines missing. Dave and his crew took care of everything. I would recommend Trophy Hunting Adventures to anyone who is interested in a high percentage chance to see and harvest some true trophies, with some great people.


Paul Louis




Dear Dave, Audra & Mike:


Once again I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful time while we were with you this last wee.

Your dedication and hard work (and concern) in finding game for us is to be commended. Dick and I both felt that you went above and beyond the call of duty in working for us.


Audra, your home cooked meals were a treat after so much restaurant food. We also would like to thank you for being a "tour guide" on the trip to have Dick's elk cut up and head mounted.


Enclosed are copies of my pictures that you can use if you can.


Did you find out the name of that guy that I went to high school with? Also, I heard that you will be in Iowa deer hunting in December. Your guide's sister works with Dick's wife. What a small world!


Thanks again,


David Hintz

Hey Dave:


Got the disk……greatly appreciated


How’s the rest of the season(s) going?


Anyway, thanks again. Hunting with Johnny was great and having those bulls called in was a first class experience. Having done that it’s hard to think about hunting them any other way. A lot of fun and very exciting.


Good luck on the rest of your hunts.


Mike Myers
Poca, WV




Thanks for a great elk hunt Oct. 26-30. Everything went smoothly once we got our licenses and the snow storm cleared out. The snow was beneficial, although I am not sure we needed 10-12’ of the white stuff. Mike was a pleasure to hunt with. I hope his truck was not too badly damaged from retrieving Dave’s elk. We had a good time and shot 2 elk as a bonus. What more could we ask? Thanks again to Audra for the fine meals. You run a first class operation. I am looking forward to seeing my trophy on the wall in a few months. I hope to be back for a trophy mule deer and maybe a bigger bull elk someday. Enclosed are a couple of pictures of the happy hunters. Thanks again for a great hunt.


Rich Gudeyon

If you are looking for an awesome hunting experience you need to check out Trophy Hunting Adventures. I have hunted with Dave and Mike Garrett at Trophy Hunting Adventures in New Mexico for a number of years. They have great guides, meals, and accommodations. My son Jacob harvested his first Merriam Turkey, I shot my first mule deer in velvet, and we have filmed and harvested some of the biggest bull elk of our lives. We started as clients, but now it feels like we are more like family and that is why we keep coming back to Trophy Hunting Adventures year after year! 

John O'Dell

Drury Outdoors- Bow Madness

Dave wanted you to know that you team did an outstanding job taking care of my clients and their guests. Their children had a great experience with their parents and it really meant a lot to my clients.

I want to stress how much I appreciate the culture you have. Your team is clearly dedicated to doing everything possible to give the hunters every chance possible at a harvest while ensuring safety of the hunters.

I have worked with many, many outfitters and have yet to come across one where the whole team is passionate about the success of every hunter in camp.

You should pat yourself on the back your team is very professional and I think the lodge and cook were great enhancements.

On behalf of my hunters thanks again and a special thanks for letting their children make special memories that they will never forget.

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