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In 2014 we had a great season. We had two bear hunters. One passed on a large blonde bear with chocolate feet and head and the other hunter couldn't get a shot on the last day at a nice bear.





Our archery elk hunt was unbelievable. Seven out of eight hunters had an opportunity, and four of the seven harvested the best bulls of their life. The smallest was a great 329" bull, then a 343", a 357", and a giant 374" bull. The guys from Bowmadness and Mossy Oak were in camp and got some great footage for the Season 8 show. John Odell was also able to harvest a really nice mule deer buck on camera. Our archery hunters averaged a whopping 351" on their bulls.




Our rifle elk hunters were 100% and really had a good time while taking some great and unique bulls. They ranged from a big 5x5 to a huge 371" bull. Our overall average was an unbelievable 325" on our bulls.For the past three years we have averaged 327" in 2012, 329" in 2013, and 325" this year.




We had two deer hunters on the first hunt, one harvested a really nice non-typical buck and the other hunter passed on several bucks during the week looking for a really big buck.We sponsored a youth hunter the second hunt under the NM Mentored Youth Program and he harvested a whopper. It was his first ever hunt of any kind.



We had three late season deer hunters and all three took great bucks. One took a beautiful typical buck, another took a big, wide mature buck that scored somewhere in the mid 170's, and the last hunter killed a massive 5x5 in the mid 170's. All three hunters were very happy.




We have one cow hunter in December on a hunt donated to the R.M.E.F. Most of our cow hunts are done in December and January.

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