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Trophy Hunting Adventures, LLC.


Why Choose Trophy Hunting Adventures, LLC.


Trophy Hunting Adventures hunts beautiful northeast New Mexico 


Hello, my name is Mike Garrett, new proud owner of Trophy Hunting Adventures LLC. Over the years, Trophy Hunting Adventures has made a name for itself through its care of clients and game management. None of which would be possible if it wasn’t for my dad, Dave Garrett. I have had the privilege of learning and growing as a guide and now outfitter under one of the best teachers around. I’ve been fortunate to have started my guiding career when Trophy Hunting Adventures was established. What makes Trophy Hunting Adventures the right choice for your investment is our approach to outfitting. Our approach begins with our values and ends with our hunting philosophy. We conduct business with honesty and integrity while being safety and service focused. Our hunting philosophy is that filling hunting slots isn’t as important as our client’s hunting experience. We can provide a high quality hunting experience therefore the slots will get filled.


Game management is key in executing our hunting philosophy. Our recipe for success starts with quality private land. We procure private land owner tags with no draw application needed in high density areas that have good foliage and quality genes. Our ranches must practice predator control and show a willingness to manage and improve game foliage. The second ingredient is managing harvests. We work with New Mexico Game and Fish on animal counts and tag allocation. We encourage our hunters to harvest only mature animals, we manage a strict hunter to harvest ratio to ensure low hunting pressure and we rotate ranches based on our previous year harvest. We actively work to increase our herd and flock counts to ensure high density. The last, and most important ingredient, is service. Our clients are first and foremost and having great hunting areas doesn't mean anything if you don’t have great guides and the right service attitude. We strive for repeat customers and making sure our clients are safe and have an opportunity for a trophy of a lifetime is job 1!


Trophy Hunting Adventures, LLC. will be focused on:


  • Your safety

  • Assuring you're prepared with the right gear

  • Providing you comfortable lodging

  • Being prompt on hunts

  • Working hard to find game

  • Prepping your harvest in the field.  


Trophy Hunting Adventures, LLC., where the Hunting experience is everything! 




References are available upon request.

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